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The basic difference between premonition and precognition is that premonition is a vision or sense that occurs during daylight hours. Precognition occurs at night during dream states. Premonition and precognition usually occur with individuals with "second sight" or extrasensory perception. These individuals have the ability to sense this on a deeper, more metaphysical level.

Premonitions and Sensory Perceptions

During waking hours, many things occur that most individuals without sensory perception ignore. For example, women tend to possess a greater level of "intuition" than men.

Individuals with acute sensory perception are impelled by overwhelming feelings based on a sense of the outcomes of seemingly insignificant events. For example, there are individuals who may be occupied with a task at home when suddenly they feel a sense of impending danger. This may be as simple as the woodblock full of kitchen knives suddenly fallen off a shelf or having a vision of someone who makes contact after a long period of lack of communication. These are premonitions.

Due to women having a heightened sense of intuition, their ability to use their sense of premonition with regard to loved ones has been well documented. One of these is the famous Jean Dixon who felt an intense premonition of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Before their flight to a rock concert, Ronnie Van Zant of the band, Lynard Skynyrd, said before boarding the plane, "C’mon, let’s go. If it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.” The band's plane went down in Mississippi killing Ronnie Van Zant Skynyrd singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, vocalist Cassie Gaines, assistant road manager Dean Kilpatrick, pilot Walter McCreary and co-pilot William Gray. Cassie Gaines told Ronnie Van Zant the day before she had a premonition about a plane going down in flames.

Often during times of war, mothers and wives have told of premonitions of their loved ones dying in battle. Sometimes, the premonition is so powerful and overwhelming that it feels as if the individuals are living the premonition before it actually happens.

Premonition and Precognition

Precognitions of the Dream State

Much study has been done about the dream state. Writers tend to have a heightened sense of precognition that results in many of their fictional stories. Precognition occurs while dreaming. Scientists have determined that precognitive dreams occur during REM phases of sleep. (Ref. Studies have also been done by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud who found that precognition during REM sleep are usually remembered after waking.

Some of the most famous precognitive dreams occur as a result of the brain at its least stressful and while the individual may have seen or heard something during their awake state that manifests itself during the dream state. The difference between precognition and lucid dream is that precognition is not controlled or induced intentionally by the individual. Precognition like premonition creates sensory perceptions about people, place or events that are part of the dream state.

Premonition vs. Precognition

Heightened sensory perception or "second sight" links both premonition and precognition by the "supposed ability to perceive future or distant events; clairvoyance," the definition generally accepted for second sight. Not all premonitions or precognitive dreams imply danger or doom. In fact, in some situations, the sense of "nearness" to someone can be strong enough to create a premonition of their imminent presence. For example, an individual may have a premonition that their child has happy news to share.

Precognition may also play out in dreams that tell stories about persons known or unknown. The dream may leave a lingering aura for days or weeks after it occurs, so powerful is the precognition the dream implies.

Some acutely perceptive individuals have the ability to "read" the characters or actions of others. This is based purely on the suggestions they experienced in precognitive dreams or premonitions. These individuals "see" what others miss. It may be some relatively unimportant word that passes in conversation or body language that the individual recalls from a dream. This points out the power of the human brain to absorb much more than the individual realizes. Yet, the ideas, thoughts, events and characters the brain pours forth during precognitive dreams create the basis of premonition during waking hours.

Sharpening the Senses of Premonition and Precognition

All humans have the ability to utilize the parts of the human brain that stores worthwhile thoughts. There are fortunate individuals who are heavily psychically attuned to using these parts of their brains as tools to guide them to greater depths of knowledge of the world they live in. Sharpening the senses of premonition and precognition requires becoming more sensitive to details that occur during waking hours and using precognitive dreams as a guide to becoming more consciously observant. In this way, individuals train their brains to release long forgotten thoughts and visions past. Apply premonitions and precognition as visionary tools.

People say love is written in the stars all the time but many people don't know exactly what that means. It means that love is something that is pre-determined and certain people are just destined to be together. But, in order to find that perfect person that you are destined to be with, you have to do some researching. That's why many people search their sign to learn about who they are and who they are compatible with.

If you've ever done speed dating or gone on a blind date, one of the first questions you might hear a prospective spouse ask is "What is your sign?" This is because people put a lot of stake into what someone's astrological sign is. They believe they can tell a lot about a person just because of what month they were born in or what day they were born on. Certain signs are just more compatible with others. That's because each sign encompasses a certain personality. There are signs like the Aries and the Capricorn which won't get along. This is because they are drastically different. Signs like the Aries are people who are super outgoing, they simply won't get along with Capricorns who are introverted. One sign will overpower the other and it will lead to a lot of disagreements. That's just one example.

Astrology also shows which signs are compatible. Sometimes, it's a good idea to match your sign with a prospective mate to see if a love connection will be formed or if it will be an utter disaster. There is a science to this and that's why so many people check compatibility charts. It's important to pick a sign that is ruled by a planet that is compatible with yours. Sometimes, you just have to take a gamble. That's half the fun of it. For example, if two people come together that are ruled by the planet mars they can mesh very well together or become sworn enemies. That's when their chemistry comes into play. When chemistry and astrology align, a relationship can truly blossom.

Astrology to Find Love

It's really important to also look at the personality characteristics of someone based on their sign. You don't want to be with someone non-confrontational if that's what you thrive on. That could lead to a lot of arguments and tears. It's also important to find a sign that has compatible likes with your sign. You don't want to choose a spouse who is vastly different from you because then you won't have much in common.

People also use astrology to find love and romance in a different way. They like to check their horoscopes in the morning because there is typically a section that talks about love. They can find out if today will be the day that they will meet someone special. Usually, these horoscopes go into further detail about a person's day. They will tell them where they can go to find love. If a person has a horoscope that has a very bleak outlook on love then they will know to not waste their time. Astrology also helps a person pinpoint when they will meet someone special. That's why some people go months and even years without a relationship and then all of a sudden someone seems to magically appear in their life. That's because there are special times in a person's life that the planet of romance and love just align.

Being heartbroken is one of the worst feelings and it's enough to make a person give up altogether on love. That's why most people then turn to studying astrology to avoid that in the future. It's a great way to eliminate heartbreak because you can really tell a lot about a person based on their sign. You can also avoid heartache by looking for love when Jupiter aligns. That's because Jupiter opens your heart and it's truly a special time to meet someone. It means that you are ready and open to meeting a new person.

Overall, there is a certain thing called fate. It decides when and where we will meet someone. A lot of that fate is based on astrology. Falling in love and meeting a special someone is something that's out of our control. It's something that's pre-determined based on astrological factors. There are also different houses that come into play when focusing on astrology. One burning question that people have after they fall in love is when will I get married? A way to do this is to look at the 7th house of your astrology chart. There is something really fun and comforting to know that everything is pre-determined and can be boiled down to an astrological science. It's truly something that takes the pressure away from finding love and freaking out that you will never find it.

The idea of speaking with those who have passed on appeals to people for many reasons. Some seek long awaited answers to questions that define their lives. Some wish for a lost connection with a loved one whom they miss. Others are simply curious about life beyond our world. Whatever your reason for holding a seance, it is important to do it safely and respectfully to achieve results. Follow these tips to perform a meaningful seance safely.

1. Know your intentions.

Before you begin, think about what you want to get out of the seance. Are you leading others toward connecting with loved ones? Are you just curious about what happens after death? Knowing what has led you to perform a seance will help you get more out of it.

2. Prepare both the space and the participants for the spirit world.

Create a friendly atmosphere for spirits by inviting participants who believe in what you are doing. You won't get as meaningful of a result if you have people present who are distrusting or joking about the whole process. Once you have gathered friendly people, have them prepare for the seance. As a group, think of questions to ask or spirits to call on during the seance. Again, knowing what you want to get out of the seance will make it more meaningful.

Performing a Seance

3. Set the scene and use various media to communicate.

Whether you perform the seance yourself or seek the help of a medium, you will want a quiet, dark place for the seance. Gather chairs around a table, place candles on it, and dim the lights before you begin. Remove any electronic lights and sounds, especially cell phones. To better communicate with spirits, consider using a medium to perform the seance. If not, there are several other physical connections to the spirit world: a Ouija board, a glass of water, a pendulum, or the table itself can provide opportunities for spirits to answer questions. Prepare these ahead of time so you can focus on the seance.

4. Hold the seance at midnight.

The hour preceding and following midnight holds special meaning for the spirit world. The quiet of the earthly world allows greater focus, and this time is especially active for the spirit world.

5. Create a complete circle of participants and their energies.

Seat your group of at least three people in a circle and join hands. Have everyone focus their energy as one person leads the seance. As one person or a medium leads the seance by summoning spirits and asking questions, every participant should focus on summoning them as well. A willing group of participants will lead to a successful seance, as the spirit world is wary of mistrusting people.

6. Begin with a prayer.

Start your seance on the right note by praying for protection from evil spirits. Take this time to invite specific spirits into your circle as well. Starting the seance in this way protects you from wandering spirits and keeps the focus where it should be.

7. Kindly invite spirits into your space.

Invite your spirit guests into your space the same way you would invite guests into your physical home. Kindly ask them to join you, understanding that their answer may be a "no." If you encounter any unkind spirits, you can steer them away gently by thanking them for their visit. You don't want to treat any of your spirit guests rudely, no matter what answers they are giving.

8. Practice patience.

Sometimes a seance does not go as planned, so try to remember that any visiting spirits are gracious guests. They are not required to give you answers or to be present at all, so be thankful if they arrive at all. If they are slow to give answers, do not fidget or get irritated. Remember that answers take time, and the spirits will often wait to give answers once they know you are serious. Prove yourself as a true believer by waiting patiently and listening carefully for answers.

9. Thank the spirits for coming.

In the same way that you invited the spirits into your space, at the end of the seance show the same hospitality. Thank them for coming and sharing their knowledge with you, and wish them well.

10. Debrief the seance with your participants.

After the seance has ended make sure to take time to discuss it with your participants. Allow some time to pass for everyone to come back and process the experience together. This can make the process of performing a seance even more rewarding for all participants. This is a good time to decide if and how your group will proceed with future spirit world communication.

The process of performing a seance can be daunting and downright scary for those who have never been a part of one. Approach the event with focus, patience, and openness and you will find a meaningful connection with the spirit world. Follow these tips to have a successful and safe seance.

The terms "astronomy" and "astrology" are very similar - so much so that it is easy to get them mixed up. The former refers to scientific study of the physical heavenly bodies in our solar system and others. The latter refers to the scientific study of the inter-relationship of those same heavenly bodies with each other, humanity and time itself.

An astrology reading is the customized study of the heavenly bodies as they relate to a particular individual - say, you. The planets and stars were in a certain alignment on the day you were born. However, they do not stay in that alignment, but continue shifting and moving throughout your lifetime. As such, they can invoke different influences and insights at different times in your life. In this post, learn more about what an astrology reading is and what to expect.

The Basics of an Astrology Reading

As with any scientific discipline, there are many different schools of thought for how to apply astrology on an individual level. The information sought typically determines the branch of astrology that best applies.

Two well-known branches of astrology are Jyotish and Western.

"Jyotish" is a word that translates to mean the "science of light." Jyotish astrology is based on the ancient Vedic scriptures of Hinduism. Jyotish astrology uses the sidereal zodiac chart with looks at fixed positions of the heavenly bodies.

Astrology Reading

Western astrology is often called "tropical" astrology. Western astrology uses the tropical zodiac chart and can be broken down into Natal, Mundane, Interrogatory and Minor astrology branches as they relate to the relative movements of the sun.

For example, "natal" or "birth" astrology looks at the configuration of the planets and stars on the day and time of your birth and uses that as a road map to better understand your personal strengths, challenges, opportunities and interests. Often, an individual astrology reading will center upon or include elements of natal astrology.

Mundane astrology's goal is to look ahead to predict global shifts in consciousness, major world events or events involving well known personalities. In contrast, interrogatory astrology's goals involve more complex analyses regarding anything from mate selection and compatibility to personal health and longevity to life direction and success.

Finally, with minor astrology, the goal is to resolve a particular issue or question, such as about a current relationship or job opportunity.

The Three Elements of a Natal Chart

Every person's natal or birth chart, which centers around the date and time of birth, includes 3 core elements: the individual's zodiac signs, The position of the planets and the 12 astrological houses of the zodiac.

Each person has two signs: solar and lunar. The solar represents the person's conscious life and the lunar represents the person's subconscious life. There are 12 signs, and an individual's signs are determined by the date and time of birth.

The position of the planets refers to where the heavenly bodies were positioned in relation to each other, with each having a major and minor angle that can deliver valuable insights.

In addition to the 12 zodiac signs, there are also 12 astrological houses which correspond to those signs. The zodiac wheel and the astrological houses wheel are frequently mixed up, but they are two entirely different wheels that can be used together to gain information for an individual astrological reading.

The zodiac wheel focuses on the sun's rotation around the Earth and the astrological houses wheel focuses on the Earth's rotation around its axis. Each house on the astrological houses wheel symbolizes a different aspect of life. These 12 aspects include (but are not limited to) self, value, communications, home, family, career, relationships, ideas, success, community and the individual subconscious.

What to Expect During an Astrology Reading

The basic information that pinpoints each individual's uniqueness - the zodiac signs, the planetary positions and the astrological houses - always forms the foundation of an astrology reading.

However, there are many different ways that the same information can be reviewed to answer different questions and gain clarity in challenging moments in life. If you have ever heard the term "reading your chart," that is what this refers to. A professional astrologist will take the basic building blocks of "you," astrologically speaking, and "read" or apply them to the specific questions or issues that have prompted your desire to have an astrology reading.

How to Prepare for an Astrological Reading

In most cases, the only pieces of information an astrologer will ask for to prepare to give an astrological reading are the date of birth, the time of birth and the city/state of birth. You may also be asked to share what you hope to gain from the astrological reading in general or in specifics. However, sharing this isn't usually necessary.

There is no other preparation that is typically required, other than to ensure you are relaxed and rested for the day and time of the astrological reading. This ensures you will get the most out of the experience of having your astrological chart read by a professional astrologer.

Everyone has seen one of those crime dramas on television where the cops can't find any leads so they bring in some weird lady that holds her hand over mug shots until she finds the killer. Have you ever wondered if stuff like that happens in real life? While television may take a few liberties with the presentation, this does happen. People that do things like this are called psychic detectives, and you might be surprised to find out just how common it is.

A psychic detective has the same goals as a conventional detective. Usually, they are trying to solve a crime, often with very little physical evidence to go on. However, a psychic detective doesn't use normal police techniques in their investigation. They employ their psychic abilities to go places where a normal detective could only dream of. This is considered to be paranormal, so you will have people out there that are skeptical. They don't believe that psychics can really do the things they say they can. Those people should do their research. While there are plenty of psychic frauds out there, it is a real thing, and psychic detectives have put the authorities on the right track many times.

There are several different techniques that are common amongst psychic detectives. These are often considered to be abilities, meaning that not every detective can necessarily do all of these. They have the ability innately from birth. A lot of the time, psychics discover their abilities unintentionally. They also may not immediately realize that their talent is something special because it comes so naturally to them that they don't understand that others can't experience it also. Many times, a detective will specialize in one or more of these abilities, so the nature of the ability may determine how useful the psychic is in investigations.

Psychic Detective

One very common psychic ability is postcognition. This is when a person has a paranormal ability to view the past in their mind. Sometimes this can be triggered by going to a place where something terrible happened. The psychic sees the crime scene and then views the events in his or her mind. It is often an intense and draining experience because the psychic is literally observing terrible events in the eye of the mind. This can be stressful for the detective, especially as they experience more and more of these over the years.

Psychometry is a similar ability. This involves the psychic gaining information by actual physical interaction with objects. For example, perhaps the psychic detective can touch the murder weapon and then reveal information about what it was used to do. Maybe touching the victim's belongings can trigger a psychic event that can reveal important clues that might lead to the perpetrator.

Psychic detectives often deal with a supposed different realm that is happening around us in real time that most people cannot see, much less interact with. Clairvoyance is the ability to observe this realm. Remote viewing is a great example of a clairvoyant ability. It basically means that the psychic can see things happening right now somewhere else in time and space without physically traveling there. This is unique among psychic abilities because it is not predicting a future event or viewing a past one, but actually viewing something that is happening right now from long distances.

Obviously, this is one of the easiest abilities to prove or disprove because it deals with current events. However, just being wrong about the details doesn't necessarily mean the psychic doesn't have the ability. Remember that interpretation of what they psychic is seeing plays into this also. The detective may have interpreted the visions in his or her mind one way, but later realize that what was being viewed related to something else entirely.

Other psychic detectives conduct investigations by actually communing with spirits of dead people. That's right. There are people in this world that have a special ability to actually communicate with the spirits, and can even control it to use it for very specific purposes, such as communicating with a murder victim to find out what happened to them.

These abilities are amazing and fascinating, which is why they are so prominent in movies and books. Psychic detectives are really out there, and many police departments turn to them when the lead trail turns cold. While the techniques of psychic detectives will rarely be admissible in a court of law, it doesn't take away from their usefulness.

After all, if the police are put on the right trail by a psychic and can then build a case based on physical evidence from there, it's still a big win for everyone involved (except the criminal, of course). It certainly can't hurt to give it a try, and in many cases worldwide, psychic detectives have helped the real detectives get their man.