Tips on Performing a Seance

The idea of speaking with those who have passed on appeals to people for many reasons. Some seek long awaited answers to questions that define their lives. Some wish for a lost connection with a loved one whom they miss. Others are simply curious about life beyond our world. Whatever your reason for holding a seance, it is important to do it safely and respectfully to achieve results. Follow these tips to perform a meaningful seance safely.

1. Know your intentions.

Before you begin, think about what you want to get out of the seance. Are you leading others toward connecting with loved ones? Are you just curious about what happens after death? Knowing what has led you to perform a seance will help you get more out of it.

2. Prepare both the space and the participants for the spirit world.

Create a friendly atmosphere for spirits by inviting participants who believe in what you are doing. You won't get as meaningful of a result if you have people present who are distrusting or joking about the whole process. Once you have gathered friendly people, have them prepare for the seance. As a group, think of questions to ask or spirits to call on during the seance. Again, knowing what you want to get out of the seance will make it more meaningful.

Performing a Seance

3. Set the scene and use various media to communicate.

Whether you perform the seance yourself or seek the help of a medium, you will want a quiet, dark place for the seance. Gather chairs around a table, place candles on it, and dim the lights before you begin. Remove any electronic lights and sounds, especially cell phones. To better communicate with spirits, consider using a medium to perform the seance. If not, there are several other physical connections to the spirit world: a Ouija board, a glass of water, a pendulum, or the table itself can provide opportunities for spirits to answer questions. Prepare these ahead of time so you can focus on the seance.

4. Hold the seance at midnight.

The hour preceding and following midnight holds special meaning for the spirit world. The quiet of the earthly world allows greater focus, and this time is especially active for the spirit world.

5. Create a complete circle of participants and their energies.

Seat your group of at least three people in a circle and join hands. Have everyone focus their energy as one person leads the seance. As one person or a medium leads the seance by summoning spirits and asking questions, every participant should focus on summoning them as well. A willing group of participants will lead to a successful seance, as the spirit world is wary of mistrusting people.

6. Begin with a prayer.

Start your seance on the right note by praying for protection from evil spirits. Take this time to invite specific spirits into your circle as well. Starting the seance in this way protects you from wandering spirits and keeps the focus where it should be.

7. Kindly invite spirits into your space.

Invite your spirit guests into your space the same way you would invite guests into your physical home. Kindly ask them to join you, understanding that their answer may be a "no." If you encounter any unkind spirits, you can steer them away gently by thanking them for their visit. You don't want to treat any of your spirit guests rudely, no matter what answers they are giving.

8. Practice patience.

Sometimes a seance does not go as planned, so try to remember that any visiting spirits are gracious guests. They are not required to give you answers or to be present at all, so be thankful if they arrive at all. If they are slow to give answers, do not fidget or get irritated. Remember that answers take time, and the spirits will often wait to give answers once they know you are serious. Prove yourself as a true believer by waiting patiently and listening carefully for answers.

9. Thank the spirits for coming.

In the same way that you invited the spirits into your space, at the end of the seance show the same hospitality. Thank them for coming and sharing their knowledge with you, and wish them well.

10. Debrief the seance with your participants.

After the seance has ended make sure to take time to discuss it with your participants. Allow some time to pass for everyone to come back and process the experience together. This can make the process of performing a seance even more rewarding for all participants. This is a good time to decide if and how your group will proceed with future spirit world communication.

The process of performing a seance can be daunting and downright scary for those who have never been a part of one. Approach the event with focus, patience, and openness and you will find a meaningful connection with the spirit world. Follow these tips to have a successful and safe seance.

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